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The demand on packaging is very high when it comes to food products. The packaging needs to withstand hot and cold temperatures, moisture and handling during transportation. The packaging has to be recyclable and easy to use and empty. Foremost the packaging needs to protect the products and contain as little material as possible to be lightweight yet sturdy. Finding environmentally friendly packaging that also meets the requirements for food safety and functionality is a key focus for Arla.

When we look for the best packaging solution it is done from a holistic approach. This includes the full life cycle of the product, from production of the material until waste handling. In many cases there are trade-offs between various aspects, for example, glass is a heavy materials and may use more energy and have a higher carbon footprint when compared to plastic.

For some packaging applications plastic may be the best solution. At Arla we are committed to do our utmost to minimize the use of plastic, and use plastics that are suitable for recycling. We are also committed to utilise recycled plastics, whilst ensuring we comply with food safety and legislation related to recycled packaging materials.


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